Ed Asner to Fox News producer: “Can I piss on you?”

The next time a liberal talks about how much conservatives “hate,” remind them of this. Even Lou Grant never treated newsroom employees this badly. Ed Asner, the 83-year-old, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, seven-time Emmy Award winner who recently narrated an animated California teachers union video that depicts a rich man urinating on common folks, bristled when a Fox News Channel producer questioned him about it. “I don’t remember a thing I said on it or a word I said on it, but I agreed to do it for California teachers,” said Asner When the scene was described for the veteran actor best known for his role as the crusty TV newsroom boss on the 1970′s show “Mary Tyler Moore,” Asner quipped: “How disgusting. It should be reversed.” Then, he bizarrely asked the questioner, from the channel’s “Hannity” show, if he had any money and dropped his vulgar request. “Can I piss on you?” Asner asked. Crass A$$!  Any doubt McCarthy was right afterall?